Ssrecords logo

The new logo unveiled in 2016

Starstruck Records was founded in 2014 with the launch of the first OperationGaga season of Create a Label. The record label is mainly known for being the home for the global megastar Lindsay Lohan, who topped the charts with her first release ever, "Stuck," the first single off the multi-platinum album "Spirit in The Dark." Later on, the winner of the GRAMMYs® Icon Award, released the highly successful follow-up, "Dreamelt," which spawned three number ones singles, including "Warmest Wind" and "The Ninth Cloud." With Lindsay Lohan's sales alone, the label is one of the richest and most popular of the game, with over 20 million records sold all over the globe. Headed by Edu, who manages the artists by himself, SR scored the Super Bowl performer slot, which only happens once per year, in 2016 for their artist.