Titled Atavism, the album is the seventeenth studio album by Mariah Carey herself. The standard edition of the album contains 13 tracks which is kinda normal for Mariah (Unofficially 14 as the album contains one hidden track in the outro of the album). Lyrically, Mariah Carey identified the album's central theme as a longing for love. "If you listen to the lyrics on the album very closely, you can actually sense a longing for love in most of the songs. Maybe I was in a lonely place at the time when I wrote all the songs", says Mariah regarding the album's theme lyrically. The album seems to be inspired by a downfall of a relationship, much like to her magnum opus, Butterfly, where most of the songs are more sad theme-wise. Production-wise, the album features a strong contrasting production between throwback and experimental. The album's contrasting production was deemed Mariah's most liberating record to date. The album is divided into two sections; the throwback section and an experimental section. Both sections are like metaphors to represent the past[throwback] and the future[experimental]. [Under construction]